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    I have a Hunter Direct Vent Fireplace Model HDV 30.
    I leav e my pilot light on all summer and when I went to turn the fireplace on the other night the flame came on but I couldn't turn the flame any higher. The valve that adjusts the height of the flame was on high but it didn't matter. The flame was low and would not get any larger. I called a fireplace service/ installer and he said that Hunter is out of business and he cannot get parts.
    WHAT TO DO???

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    It may not even need new parts, might just need a little tweaking. Regardless, I would guess it uses a robertshaw valve, like most fireplaces. I think you should find a different fireplace company because obviously that one does not want your money very bad. They could have at least made an attempt to fix it. If it is a bad valve and it uses a robertshaw (or some other mass produced valve), they do not need a special OEM part, just the same model of valve.

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    Thanks for the advice will make a few more phone calls

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