According to a load analysis, I should have a 1.5 to 2 ton unit where I currently have a 3 ton outdoor unit and a 4 ton coil in the attic (Goodman).

One of the bids provides two alternatives - replace only the outdoor unit with a 1.5 ton, install a recirculating duct, and drop the fan speed,
use a 1.5 ton outdoor unit and replace the coil with a 2 ton.

I'm being told either will achieve the same results.

The recommendation is to go with Trane 12 SEER because it is so small and won't draw too much power but he could put in a RUUD 14 if I wanted.

This is a unit used to cool an addition over a garage - all super insulated, sealed, shaded, etc. and the load calculation has been confirmed. Location is Dallas.

Any suggestions /opinions?