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    Good afternoon everyone! I went to light the pilot light on my forced air unit last night and was unable to. There is not even a little sound of hissing with pushing the button over.

    Why would the gas supply in just this one item stop - have gas hot water heater with no problem, so it's not the bill!

    Condensation pipe backed up early summer with the dripping of the water over a 3 or 4 day period extinguishing the pilot light. Would this have done something major to the system?

    Thank you for assisting!

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    You may have answered your own question...

    Call your local HVAC company and ask for a winter service special. They will not only check your system for proper operation but should clean your pilot assy too.

    FYI... the cheapest may not be the cheapest... go with a company that you know or a neighbor may recommend.


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    Thx alot!

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    probably not major damage. most likely the water caused a little rust in the wrong places. a tech who knows what he's doing will be able to clean it or replace it if is not cleanable. he will also inspect your furnace for other damage that may have been caused by the backed up drain.

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    Got water in the pilot orofice, hole is plugged, will probably have to replace the orifice if it is rusted.
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    Water dripping in the wrong place for 3 or 4 days can indeed do major damage to gas controls. It would be best to get the system checked by a professional in order for the system to be safe.

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