Im just north of Concord NH and Im currently getting a hydro air w/ radiant system installed in our 4000+ sqft house. We have 3 air handlers, one in the master, one for the first floor and one for the second floor. I have radiant heating in the basement, garage and any tiled areas (bathrooms, kitchen, mud room).
My plumber is working on costs but he is kinda slow. I cant really complain because i havent paid him anything and he's doing it inbetween his regular plumbing work. Can anyone give me a quick idea on the cost on a high 80 to 90+ percent efficient propane boiler? We are trying to compare the upfront cost to an outdoor wood furnace which is in the range of 8 grand. The work required to feed the furnace is not an issue, as I find writing out a check for propane every month to be very difficult.