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    At times, going to sleep is a PITA.
    I use this,, the thunderstorm download.
    That one is free.

    I load it to my mp3 player on my surround sound, hit repeat and there you go.

    (feel free to delete/edit/modify if it is breaking some rule or another)
    Just sharing it because I use it almost nightly.

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    Interesting. Seems like most of the time I feel like I could pass out right on the couch. When I get in the bed I'm wide awake again FFS! I usually go take a shower as hot as I can stand it for as long as I can stand it and fall asleep from heat exhaustion I guess.

    I think I could fall right to sleep if I had a 660 Cat idling and a Thermo King as a window unit though.
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    Big white noise/static/fan noise addict, helps me focus when distracted. Must have something to do with brain waves, like a capacitor or something.

    Oddly enough, rubber ear plugs do as good or better~ 0 noise. I toss and turn less with the plugs in, pacifiers for ears.

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    My problem was too much light in the bedroom. My wife had two night lights in the Master bath and an emergency light that glowed orange. Even went to the Dr. about it, and that was one of the first things he asked me, after finding out I can't sleep during the day.
    I only have to make it work till I retire.

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