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Thread: HD incompetence

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    HD incompetence

    Get to the checkout at HD and the "clerk" (English is second language) rings/scans my stuff and says that will be $38.00. I do the math in my head and the bill should be more like $190.00.

    I look at the tally and "Clerk" has charged me for 24' of stock at whatever a foot. I have 171' of stock. I get out my pocket notebook and write down the numbers, do the math and tell "clerk" that it is this many feet at x dollars a foot. Clerk argues with me, that no it is this much money. At that point if I had a lick of sense I should have paid the bill and saved over $150.00. But Nooooo I have to do the honest thing, so I call the floor manager over and ask for some help. FM sees the mistake politely corrects the "Clerk" and I pay the bill, all $200 and some dollars of it.

    2 weeks later, same "Clerk", I'm getting handfulls of nuts, bolts washers etc. About $20.00 worth. Same scenario, "clerk" says $4.80. I stop and remember last time and........................ Pay the $4.80 bill and leave.

    I feel 2.8% guilty and 97.8% pissed !

    What would you have done ?
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    Definetly Pay The 38.00 Instead Of 200. And The 4.80. Its Not Your Fault. HD Hired And Idiot. Id Go Back In The Store And Buy More Stuff And Have That Same Guy Check Me Out Hahaha.
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    Got the same thing up here at HD , girl was buisy BRAGGING about Majoring in this Minoring in that at university , told her she made a mistake , I gettold " I DONT THINK SO " so ok heres your $11.00 for $90.00 worth of stuff

    Get out to the van , guy parked next to me was loading up lumber , says to me " I WISH that HIGHLY EDUCATED KNOW IT ALL WORKED FULL TIME , cannot beat her PRICES "

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