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    I found something interesting at the local mega-discount store...cardboard coils with scented gel attached that you clip to your system's air filter. When the air is blowing on the filter, the scent filters through the system and your house. I bought the cinnamon scented one and it's actually very nice!

    My question is, does anyone know if these things are harmful to the HVAC system at all? It's small enough that it won't block air flow, so I'm more concerned about the chemical aspects of it. I wouldn't think it was very harmful, but ya never know.


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    It's not harmful for your HVAC system; more importantly, it's harmful to you. (same goes for any chemical scent)

    There's too much crap in indoor air as it is; if you need some chemical "air freshener", indoor air quality is an issue which needs to be addressed.

    Furnaces are designed to heat the air, not clean it or add chemicals.

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    Don't see how they are harmful...biggest problem is they only last days.

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    I just got it cause it smelled IAQ issue. Maybe I should stick with pot pourri!

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    how big is it? Most of the scented things I have seen that are for clipping to an air filter are a flat 6"x6" square thing that can actually have a rather big effect on the airflow, depending on the system.
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