I am conversant with gas and a/c and also heat pump repairs, installs etc But I know very little about oil furnaces and I have some questions.
I am in British columbia Canada (vancouver region to be precise)
There at this time is no natural gas available to me (Yet maybe next yr if the neighbourhood survey goes well)

I have a 2000 sq ft home not including the basement/crawlspace built in the mid fifties with newer double glazed windows.

1. how much oil can I expect to comsume with a tstat temp set on 67 deg 24 hrs a day.

I called a oil supply co and they said over a year approx 2000 litres on average so thats according to them around 160.00 yr at current fuel prices

2 is home heating oil essently disel oil with some additives?

I do intend to add to the attic insulation as money permits after I put the heat pump in