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    Frown Capacity Issue

    I have a 2.5 ton Lennox unit outside and recently replaced the evaporator coil with a 3 ton Lennox thinking it would give more capacity. It seems the unit now has less capacity than before and cannot keep up during the hot part of the afternoon in Texas. Anyone have any ideas ?

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    Capacity Issue

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    You replaced the coil or you had a contractor replace the coil?

    There are many issues that could cause the system to function poorly, improper charge, wrong metering device, air leaks, moisture or other impurities in the system due to improper installation procedures.

    You need a qualified professional to evaluate the system and determine your problem. We cannot do anything but make idol speculations that will eventually lead nowhere since we cannot physically inspect the unit.

    If you are a pro get your post count up and we can help you diagnosis the problem otherwise call a local qualified pro.

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    They may not have changed the 3-Ton piston flow rater, that came with the coil, to the 2.5-Ton size for the condenser.

    The 3-Ton evaporator would come with a 3-Ton piston orifice sized flow rater; it would lose a lot of capacity if it's not 2.5-Ton sized.

    If it came with a TXV, it may be oversized with a 3 to 5-Ton rating...

    Otherwise,it could have been a not so good install job...
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