A friend of mine has a 1982 60K BTU Lennox Pulse. For years she has had problems with ice build up on the exhaust pipe (2" Dia.)
This ice will block the exhaust opening and shut down the unit. Is there anything that could be done to stop this ice build up? She is getting older and the exhaust pipe exits the roof of her ranch style house in the Chicago area. She will get up there at times and break this ice away. For years the installation company has been servicing this unit. They have no solution for this problem. The whole system intake and exhaust is piped in with 2" PVC. The intake pipe is cut away one foot away from the furnance. It may have had some blockage, so they just cut it away, and are now using inside air to supply the furnance. Should this unit have been piped in with 2 1/2" PVC? Is this Pulse unit heat exchanger covered by a life time warrenty? Thanks