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    Insurance on your tools

    When I started out in the business I didnt have a whole lot of tools to worry about, but now that I have amassed a good amount of tools, I am beginning to look into tool insurance. I provide most of the tools that I use on a daily basis, the company provides some too but I am most worried about my tools. Our shop insurance will not cover my personal tools, even if they are stolen from my work truck or from a job site. So I would like to get a policy for my stuff. I am not a homeowner so I cant add it as a rider also since the work truck insurance isnt in my name I cant add it there either. Does anyone use or know of any other companies that offer insurance that will cover tools on my work truck as well as at home and the job site? Also how do you guys feel about tool insurance in general and how do you handle yours?
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    When I was working for folks, my tools, in their vehicles, were covered by their insurance.
    If that was not the case, then my tools stayed at home, and they needed to issue me company tools.
    It was that simple then, for me.

    I would look at company policy. Do you take a company vehicle home every night?
    Are you responsible for providing your own tools?
    Is there time each day for you to transfer your tools from your vehicle to the company's vehicle?

    Lot of it will probably have a lot to do as how they view you.
    Are you an installer they can replace with no problem?
    Are you a crappy tech, which getting rid of you is a good thing?
    Are you a good tech, but making a lot more than the rest?

    Real subjective.
    My main idea would be to look at the policy on side work.
    If they say no side work, then if you got your tools in a company vehicle, then they should insure them 100%.

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    The companies insurance should cover your tools They should cover everything in the van. I would suggest if they don't have your employer just pay the extra so the policy does, its dirt cheap since he's already insured.
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    I know for sure its an extra you need to get, not covered by std auto insurance.
    I got it a few years back and actually they added it onto my homeowners, since I work for myself.
    But get it, one way or another.
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    Its been years since I looked into it but back then it was way too high to insure tools in vehicals being they said too many people have false claims, so everyones rates are high. Did Have one truck pretty much totally stripped of tools about 17 years ago. With all the tools that that truck had on it , it came up just over 10 grand worth ( took quite a while to figure out what all was on that truck being then I didn't keep as good of an inventory as I do now ). That didn't include cost of replacing area of chain link fence that was cut out to get into shop yard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by energy star View Post
    I would suggest if they don't have your employer just pay the extra so the policy does, its dirt cheap since he's already insured.
    I was naive, and it almost cost me 11g's when the van got broke into and the boss man said "oh, insurance only covers the company tools". Many other details, but long story short, new tools were bought by company, they stayed with me and a trashed van was left at the supply house 30miles away.

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