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    Scroll compressor oil level

    I have a used and usable 5 ton Copeland scroll compressor that I'm using to replace a burnt-out compressor in a residential condenser unit. Since I don't know the run history of the replacement compressor, I have a question; Is there a method of checking the crankcase oil level in the used replacement compressor before installation? The replacement compressor has no sight glass or oil service port.

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    Sure you want to take this on without professional help. You can pour out
    the oil, and replace oil with proper measured amount. Do not put to much
    oil back in. And be sure and use the correct oil.

    If you do not find out why the old compressor burned out, the replacement
    will burn out soon. Is the replacement compressor same as the old one?

    You have to do a lot of steps to get your system in good shape after a
    burnout, so the replacement compressor has a chance.

    Is the replacement compressor any good, would be a shame to go to all
    this trouble, and have the replacement only last hours or days. Has the
    replacement compressor be sealed, or open to the air. If it has been
    open long, I would not even fool with it.

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