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    I live in a 1000sqft 1940s townhouse with 1978 heating/air and am looking to replace it. I have received a few estimates all with different brands and a significant price differential. I understand Carrier is one of the best and the price reflects that. I will not likely live here more then 5 years and my funds are not limitless. I can not likely afford to go with the Carrier. My other choices are Luxaire or Heil. Any comments on which is better or which one should cost more based on quality?

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    I'd get some more quotes.Did anyone do a load calc? If so go with that contractor regardless of brand.
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    System sizing

    Helpful link

    All equipment is CRAP till it's properly sized, installed, and set-up to run efficiently.

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    Thanks for the sites. They were helpful. It gives me some more questions to ask the prospective contractors and see who answers appropriately.

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    Luxaire is now a product of the York Group of HVAC equipment and Heil is now under the ICP group which shares a parent company with Carrier, Bryant and Payne.

    Put more emphasis on testing the installers then the equipment. The two brands you mentioned will be fine if properly installed.
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