There is a Goodman GMP100-3 Rev B installed in my parent’s house up north. The furnace is having problems with the first burner (the one with the flame sensor) not igniting and/or igniting and "flickering". The rest of the burners operate properly. It seems to me that there is not gas flowing into the burners.

Here are the specs for the furnace (as found on the interior label):
Goodman Model GMP100-3 Rev B
Made in 1993
Input 100k BTU
Output 80K BTU
Temp Rise 45-75
Max Pressure 7
Min Pressure 5

This furnace seems to be much larger than they need in this house and I think they dealt with the wrong person when they had this installed. The house itself is approximately 850 - 900 sq ft single level on a slab foundation, 7.5 - 8ft ceilings, and 1/2" gas pipe running to the furnace. (From everything I’ve read and research I’ve done I think a 50-60k would have been sufficient for the house) Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the setup last time I was up there.

It seems to me that there isn't enough pressure getting to the regulator and burners for this size of furnace, but I’m not sure… could it be a blocked burner or malfunctioning regulator?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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