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Thread: ARI number

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    ARI Number Questions

    What does having an ARI number assigned to a combination mean?
    OR does not having an ARI number means don't use this combo?
    Does having a statue of deleted always mean no longer available?
    I'm still gathering info. Glad you guys are willing to share some of what you know.

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    this tells you the actual eer and seer of a condenser matched with a certain coil or air handler.
    the brochures will always tell you this sytem will get up to so many seer rating, say like 14 seer but in actuallity most high seer systems will not get the rating, so you have to look at the ari rating to see what the actual seer is.
    so when you buy a system make sure what the ari rating is and you want wind up buying a 18 seer system and get 13 seer.

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    Post the model number of your indoor and outdoor equipment and I will direct you to the right page in cyberspace that lists your exact SEER & ARI number.
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