Hi Guy's, Thanks for the heads up on my first post about a quiet furnace with maintance in mind.

I had to do some research on Heat Pumps before I made this post, I don't know anyone around my area of Connecticut that has one installed, that makes me a little leary.

Heat pumps sound like a great way to go with a furnace as my backup thru the cold winter months. I have to do so more homework on these.

My idea to go with Propane is, I can bury the 1000lb tank in the ground, One less item in my walk out basement, I can use it also for my fireplace and stove also. Oil isn't out of the question, Im just trying to figure out options.

I would like to keep the system Simple yet efficent.
I will spend the $50 bucks and do a Load Cal myself just for my own knowedge.

Anyone out ther from New England area using a Duel Luel system??? Pro's/Cons??......No, Not convics!