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    I have been reading through these forums for a few weeks after we realized it is probably time for a new furnace. Reading through these forums it seems like installation quality is more important than name brand furnaces.

    We have a 2000 sq ft in Albuquerque NM. The existing Rudd (UGAA-150) furnace is 150K BTU input 120K BTU output. The furnace is about 25 years old and has some rust in it. Estimated price per therm is $1.1363 for November.

    We have gotten quotes from two different companies. Both companies said it is an easy job. The house has a large closet for the furnace, direct outside air vent through side wall, chimney straight out to the roof.

    First Quote - 5 year on parts, labor to match the furnace:
    Comfortmaker 80 -- X dollars
    Comfortmaker Softsound DLX 80 for -- X + 75

    Second Quote gave 3 different choices, however warrenty is only valid if they do the yearly service startup
    1.) Carrier var speed 80% 58CVA155122 -- 1.78X dollars
    2.) Carrier 2 speed 90% 58MTA120F120 -- 1.78X + 40 dollars
    3.) Carrier var speed 90% 58MTA120F120 -- 2.29X dollars

    We would choose the Softsound from company 1 or 2 speed 90% from the second company

    Is a brand name 90% furnace really worth the extra money? It is a significant amount of money, at least to us.


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    Welcome to the site, however there are specific rules against posting pricing. No matter how you arrive at it, you are still posting prices. Below is a link for your convenience. Thanks for your understanding.

    The quotes you have received are not comparing apples to apples, oranges to oranges. What you have there is a Yugo compared to a Cadillac.

    (no pricing, due to site rules )

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    soft sound is and 80% furnace the carrier is a 90%.
    the same furnace for carrier is 58dlx 80% furnace.
    carrier if not mistaken (united technologies) is the manufacture for comfortmaker.

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