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    What is the outside air humidity level? Open those windows and air out the house. some old houses always have that smell in the basement, way they were built. You might think about insulating the floor joists. Also purchase a de humidifier instead of running A/C.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    I mentioned wiring the bathroom fan to a SEPARATE switch for on and off so when the light is left on by accident the fan doesn't keep running unnecessarily.
    If the fan is ducted properly and of good cfm for the bathroom when the shower or bathing is done,toweling and some form of dressing then one is exiting the bathroom should be cleared of excess "mist".

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    4H: Hot, Humid Houston H.O.


    Thanks for clarifying, Tyreman. Your way would prevent some unnecessary fan-running, and it's true we leave the light on for hours sometimes.

    Teddy Bear, thanks for drawing us a picture! It helps me get more familiar with the different units of measurement. I just might have to have that one laminated! <g>.

    Best wishes -- P.Student

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