can anyone recomend good amana (goodman) tech. in south jersey (blackwood turnersville area). i would like 115k 96%furnace and 16 SEER 5 ton hp or ac. i thought would like dual fuel system, but after doing some figureing i do not think it will save me on energy bills. cost of gas is $1.30 PER THERM (south jersey gas). ELECT=$0.115 per Kwh (winter rate)0.14 per kwh (summer rate) (atlantic city electric- conective). at these rates, i do not think it pays to use HP for heating in s. jersey. am i missing something???? current 92% 125k furnace uses abt 1560 therms per yr. current 10 seer ac (15 yrs old) uses abt 10,000 kwhs. per year. so far i have had 2 hvac "pros" come out.i told both, in advance of their coming, i was thinking of Amana or goodman system. 1st guy said go geothermal hp!! abt. $28k. no measurements, only looked at current furnace, never even looked at condensor! 2nd guy ,"pro", almost same treatment. i asked him about amana he said he could do it, but came back with top of the line lenox hp & furnace bid. i just can not afford these systems, regardless of how good they are!! i would really like goodman system (because of price), but can't get anybody to give answers to my questions. years ago, when i was working always drove caddy, never thought i'd switch. now disabled, i drive ford. just can't afford caddy anymore! someone please help! many thanks.