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Thread: end clearances

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    end clearances

    Does any body give end clearances for Howden WRV 255 and maintenance manual. As nothing is available on the net regarding Howden.

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    I have various howden manuals but you need to know what type of thrust bearings you have. If it's tilted pad thrust bearings then the end clearance will be more.

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    never heard of Howden., u should post a IOM
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    Howden compressors are very common in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. In my opinion they're the best refrigeration screw compressor on the market with Mycom as a close second. I've used Howden compressors in just about every refrigeration application, from R-22, Ammonia to Propane and Helium. I've also used them to compress natural gas being supplied to gas turbine generators and compressing sour gas with high concentrations of H2S. They can take a beating and keep on running.

    I don't have an electronic IOM but if I have time I'll scan one of the old fashion manuals.

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    Yes it is sleeve journal with tilted pad

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