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    Hi new here, I just picked up a Lennox g40 gas furnace for my garage, I need to convert it to propane, can anyone give me some info on this, or even a ballpark price to have it done, I have an older oil fired hot air or the brand new gas I can use, not sure which to go with. I can use the oil the way it sits or is it worth it to convert the new one. I am in central CT. Thanks

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    LP Conversion

    We cant give you price but should not be to expensive,
    just make sure you get someone qualified.
    Conversion consist of pilot orfice, both logs and new spring for regulator and adjustment. One hours work.

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    call a lenox dealor and have it converted. LP gas is not something to be played arround with and only a trained pro should be installing anything with LP

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    Ok thanks, wasnt lookin to do it myself. Was just wondering if the unit needs to be in place and ready to run for the conversion. (garage is still in the finishing stages and area where furnace is going needs to be finished, dont want all compound and sheetrock dust all over it....)

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    The unit needs to be installed and ready to run to complete the conversion.

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    The furnace doesn't need to be in place to do the conversion. The unit does need to be in place to set it up for initial fire. How old is the unit? Have it looked at because it may not be worth the cost to convert. Conversion consists of new burner orifices, gas valve modification to LP and an lp orifice for the pilot assembly.

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    Furnace is brand new, side panel was bent and scratched up in shipping lady who owned the house refused it. I did a barter trade with the HVAC tech for it. The kit cost XX bucks on ebay, wasnt a big deal. Took me about 30 minutes to complete. My local Lennox dealer wanted XXX to to the conversion. I dont mind paying someone decent money to do a decent job, but I'm not really partial to highway robbery.

    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    Would you consider having someone look at it for your safety?

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    You converted it yourself and ur sure everything is safe when it lights or would u call a PRO in for you and ur families safity you dont want to make a mistake and have a fire

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    already did, had a tech do the start up, as stated here....

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