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    I live in Alberta, Canada and have recent obtained 3 quotes for the the replacement of my furnaces. I have a two story 3000 sq. ft. home built in the 70's. I am replacing two Lennox funaces - a 130 BTU and a 105 BTU - that were installed when the house was built in 1978. I am looking at high efficiency units. There is no AC as I am close to the mountains and it would only be needed a few days a year.

    The low bid is from the firm that orignally installed the furnaces being replaced. They also installed the funaces at my last home. In both cases, they ran relatively trouble free, for me at least. I replaces a fan motor on the furnace here about 3 years ago. My last home required a valve replacement once.

    They have bid Maytag M1010 Series furnaces and offer a price $xxx less than the other two bids. The alternate bids propose Lennox G61V and Amana AMV9 furnaces. Is there anything that justifies the extra cost of the other bids?

    Thoughts and input are appreciated.

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    Sounds to me like your mind is already made up. To answer your question the Maytag is not near the quality of the Amana or Lennox. It all boils down to if you are looking for a 10 year heating solution or a 30 year one.
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    Sorry for the edit but posting pricing is against the rules.

    If the 1010 is Maytag's top 2 stage 90+ with variable speed blower, it would be similar in quality to the other 2 mentioned. Of course every dealer has their own markup and labor rates and every dealer pays the supplier different prices. Check your bids to make sure all are doing the same things. Chimney liner for water heater if needed, 2 stage stats... Sometimes there is a reason for a low bid. But if you've had good luck with these people in the past, a big plus for them.

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    From Canada here too....Ontario.. Nothing in Bryant or Payne brands out there..Eh?
    if not maybe 'Lenny better happening.

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