I am actually the homeowner. However I did my research here before finding the contractor. This was a big investment for me, so in my opinion this is my wall of pride.

They had two installers here for about 6 hours. A significant amount of time was spent dealing with the PVC routing. There was really only one option and they had a tough time getting through the wall and staying back from the gas meter. They had an electrical subcontractor here for about 45 minutes. They also had a follow up operational check which was about 30 minutes and scheduled a week after the install. During that time they sealed some leaks around the supply plenum, and also fixed a small water leak where the PVC exhaust line exited the furnace.

The copper and iron pipe is all for gas. There are 4 gas appliances, and the main line is high pressure. There is one gas regulator to step down the pressure.

I also questioned the intake being pointed outward as opposed to down, but apparently that is what the manufacturer recommends. However since they pointed it sideways to get better clearence from the gas meter, I think that might be providing the equivalent potential pressure difference as having the exhaust pointed down as far as the manufacturer is concerned.

I agree it makes sense to insulate the entire exhaust outside, but they were pretty confident that I should not have any problems.

The capped off flue is about 6" from the PVC. I think the photo makes it look closer than it is.

The A/C was existing, it was installed about 12 years ago and it is a Carrier unit that was high effencicy at the time. We do not use the A/C much, mostly for dehumidification which should improve with the lower airflow that this system provides.

I am very satisfied with the new system. I have an Aprilaire 8570 2 stage thermostat, with programmable fan option. I say bring on the Minnesota cold! We're ready here!

I did consider purchasing and installing a Goodman GMV90905CXA myself and then hiring a heating contractor to do the sheet metal fabrication and to do the startup. However in the end I know I made the right decision, not because of my abilities, but because I appriciate the value and experience that the heating contractor provides. I estimate I could have saved 20-30%, by doing the work myself and with some assistance from a contractor. Though I believe that is a fair amount that the contractor earned.

I'm really glad this site is open to anyone and not just restricted to contractors. I got some advice here that helped me through last winter with my old Lennox.

Thanks for all the comments.