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    I have a nearly new small residential Chappee Coal Boiler and yes its about 14 or 20 years old.. But its like new and i have had it for 12 or 14 years now in storage. I am a Hydronics Expert and no real hands on experience using a coal boiler.. So i would like to add it to my system,, But would like to see if i can find a manual or any helpfull info about setting it up and operating it... I just can not find any info out there on the net !!! I would like to burn coal (Chestnut) and wood in it.. Its most likely the smallest model they made, which is fairly small ( about the size of a 4 section Weil Mclain if that ) so its fairly small coal boiler.. It would be greatly appreciated if i could get a operations manual or copy.. and any other info.. Thanks Rick Email me at; or send me what you have by US Mail and i will pay the ship cost !!! Thanks The Boiler Man Plumbing and Heating Co. Po Box 188 Underhill,Vt 05489

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    Welcome to the site boiler man.However I must say what do you think that we're a bunch of guys in our eighty?

    You need to go some old farts over there that would be able to help.

    Good luck.

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    What is this Board for Harry the home owner ?and Smartass Response

    I recently requested info about a Chappee Coal and Wood Boiler... In return i got a smartass response.. 1st i am not some old fart !! I am in my 40's and have over 20 years experience and i would bet more knowledge and licensing that 90% of you on this non professional board. Also the boiler is only about 15 years old roughly. And was looking for a original manual for it. But my guess is this board is harry the home owner want to bee's discussion group.. Thanks for non help and the smartass response !

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    You got it all wrong Dude.No where in my reply was I trying
    to be a smartass.If you read it again I was going for alittle humor.

    And it had nothing to do with calling you a old fart,because
    with your recent reply that alone tells me you still have some growing up to do.

    Let me see if I can type it slow enough again so you get it this time.

    Go... to... OLD FARTS... may be.... able to..... help you.

    Best regards... Simp.

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    So,what's a crossover bridge?
    I love my job, but paydays Thursday

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