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Thread: Howdy folks!

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    Howdy folks!

    Well, here I am...

    Tired of travelling the globe as an IT specialist after 30-some-odd years, I realized that the HVAC business these days is struggeling with a lot of IT and Communications related issues that I actually feel quite comfortable with.

    Systems and Network monitoring (often on a global basis), along with complex event driven automation has been my speciality over the years. Now, I recently went into consultancy in this field instead. At least, it allows me to stay a lot closer to home most of the time.

    As I just brought back to life an old Jace controller with a badly corrupted file system, I found my way in here. I guess mainly because "Google is your friend" as they say...

    Hopefully I will be able to contribute with something, especially when it comes to all the different Operating Systems (incl embedded ones) and the various Communication Protocols used for these purposes.


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    Hello, welcome to the board.

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    Welcome here! I'm sure they can use some more controls geeks! LOL Just playing.
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