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    Fluke 80 Series V

    I have the fluke 80 series meter and all the sudden my tempature reading fell out of calibration. I took the meter apart hoping to calibrate it (like I can with my field piece) but found no calibration screws. Can I calibrate it or do I have to send it in?

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    You should be able to calibrate this... But it's not a pot.
    I think you calibrate to known values. There is a manual just on the calibration, you should be able to get it from the Fluke site.

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    Nope, you can not.
    With old school calibration, you just hooked it up together with a known good meter and tweaked the pot on the unit under test to make the two match.
    That's what I do to my $3 Harbor Freight DMMs, which are nice to have when you need multiple DMMs to measure multiple readings.

    87V will prompt for a specific value that you must supply using a calibrator which you will not find outside of a metrology lab and to proceed all you can do is hit "go forward" on the meter. In-house isn't really an option as the calibrator itself costs as much as a car and it needs a $1,000 calibration annually.

    Stick in a piece of thermostat wire across C and volt terminals and put the meter in temperature mode. It should read room temperature.

    If it's correct, you damaged your probe somehow. Calibration is not part of warranty, but if it's completely out of wack, call them and ask them nicely and request a repair.

    That happened to my 187. I sent it into Everett WA and they fixed it under lifetime warranty.

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