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    Hey, does anyone have any input on price or quality on spacepak units? What are the pluses and minuses? I know about zero about them, any info about them would be good.
    Thanks in advance -

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    They're $pendy, but every customer we have that gets spacepak loves it. I haven't done one of the square duct ones yet- I'm kinda bummed of about the change as we have 5-10 termination kits from the round still around, and not enough round plenum & fittings for any use.
    In our experience:

    Pros- fast install with minimum wall tear-up-
    (1-2 days for a 20 terminal/2story house).
    easy to calculate size
    don't need their condensing unit
    works well with the aspiration principle
    people usually ask for it-no hard sell.

    Cons- one return(by design)
    can't really do much else with the airflow
    (humidify,hi-efficiency air cleaner)
    be sure to schedule a drain check every spring
    be sure to use a secondary drain pan
    lotsa 4" holesaws-add 3 of them into the quote
    don't use the regular duct tape on them-get hi- strength 3"

    They're nice systems for the house that has hydronic heat- I wish they'd get an approved setup for more than one return. Other than the annual c&c(incl drain), there's been no service issues. We removed one from the dunham-bush era, I think it was 25 yrs old-weighed a ton-mostly steel evap w/copper passes only. The coil had multiple leaks and it was a better answer to replace the airhandler. We're in northern IL, so I don't know if there is any difference in other areas. They do make a hydronic coil for them for heating, I haven't done any of those. Find the largest distributor in your area and go see all the components. If the guy is a good dealer, he can give you more info. Their manuals are very straightforward, and if you follow their instructions, you'll be fine.

    edit: here's the link:

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    look here



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    You can get a return box from spacepack.

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