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    Ishin Ru is an Oakinowan combination of Go Jo Ru and ShorON Ru.

    It's probably one of the best self dense system ever devised.

    However, even the best systems are not immune to a crafty opponent.

    Like most Japanese systems is is considered a HARD style.
    ( officonodos will know the difference between harrd and soft styles)

    Ishin Ru is noted for it's powerful kicks and devasting punch techniques.

    The secret to over coming this powerful Open Hand or Empty Hand (depending on the translation of Karate you ascribe to) system is to know when to strike.

    The inherent weaknes of most Japanese systems is they emphasis straight lines of attack which is inline with the Bushido mind set of "No retreat, ever".

    When an opponent is up against an Ishin Ru stylist he has but to wait for said stylist to throw a punch or a kick .

    The opponent can take advantage as the Ishin Ru-ist as he resets himself to use a new technique (punch or kick).

    By circling and rushing in the Ishin Ru-ist can easily be taken down by a practioner of most forms of Sothern Chinese Kung Fu wich is noted for it's close in strikes and short distance kicks.

    Equally a fast streetwise brawler could do the same.

    All forms of Chinese martial arts emphasis that the practioner keep in motion and the strike derive from quick close in circular forms.

    For the usual Japanese tradionalist this would be a devastating system to over come.

    It would seem that the Japanese in ancient arrogance have created "sink or swim" types of martial self defense systemss.

    While the Chinese, the more historically humble of the two nations, has given their fighting systems practioners the advvatage to move in and out as the situation dictates
    and even to disengage if need be.

    I have studied these and other forms.

    In Mi the name Rich Phillips sticks out as a prominant figure in the Ishin Ru style under whom I studied.

    I don't have any high ranking belts. Just like the exercise

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    Yeah whatever. I know tacoburrito and will use it on you in a split second.

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    that go jo is good for cleaning up your hands after a day of threading pipe
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    One of those Kung Fooey guys came to my old neighborhood once and showed the thugs how to break a brick with their hand.

    Then the thugs showed him how to break his hand with a brick!

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    I'm with you on how usless these fighting style can be.

    I just posted it as an FYI.

    Last time some guy wanted to use Karate or what ever I pistol whipped 'em.

    That's as dumb as bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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    Sure looks good in movies, though.

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    Yeah, they bad asses on the screen. But let see how long a fight lasts between two real martialists. Not more thn two

    They're wind would not last.

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    ever heard of ching-pow? it's a mean art!!! requires only a couple of pull style moves;
    1) pull out the 9mm,
    2) pull back the slide and let go,(ching)
    3) pull the trigger(pow)
    Da Threadkilla

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    ohhh, my eyes are still watering. Ching pow.

    That's fing great dude!

    Where you hail from any way?

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    How many of you remember this guy?

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    Hong Kong Fooey !! He was cool. Who did his voice ?? It was some old black dude that was on tv shows I know.

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    Joe is sitting on a barstool in a bar...Jack walks up from behind and knocks him down and out, tells the bartender "when Joe he wakes up tell him that was karat'e from japan."
    2nd day Jack comes into bar and walks up behind Joe on the barstool and again knocks Joe down and out and tells the bartender "when Joe wakes up tell him that was Tae Kwan Do from korea."
    3rd day Joe waits til a little later before going to the bar and see's Jack sitting on a barstool, Joe quietly sneaks up behind Jack and WHAMMO! Jack is on the floor and knocked out cold. Joe tells the bartender "When that son of a ***** wakes up tell him that was a monkey wrench from sear and robuck!

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    Being a pipe fitter most of my life, if I had to defend myself, I think I would just grab a 18" Ridgit.

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