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    Hi, there, I have a 1000 sq ft apartment in central Jersey heated by hot water baseboard from a 40 year old gas boiler. Public Utility people did an inspecion on the old boiler and said the burner is almost rusted out entirely and there is quite bit gas leak, so they suggest I replace the gas boiler. The old boiler tag reads 95,000 BTU input and 75,000 BTU output.

    I got two contractors gave me estimate. Both of them says the location of boiler is very easy to access and there is no major re-piping will be needed. One quotes me a Weil McClain (100k BTU) and the other offered a CROWN boiler (95k BTU). The two estimates come with a HUGE difference (almost $1,500k in difference). I have never heard the CROWN name, just wonder if you guys out there can tell me the pro and con of this brand.

    In addition, the 2nd contrcator (CROWN) even said to me that there is no permit needed for replacing a boiler. Is it true? Thanks in advance.

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    We usually don't comment on a contractor's pricing. Be sure you are comparing like boilers. Check to make sure both are doing equal work. Get a 3rd bid to see which of those is in line.

    100K for small apartment sounds way too big. Bigger is NOT better, it kills efficiency. A GOOD dealer would do a load calc and size accordingly. Judging from those sizes, they did not and are just putting back a big one cuz that's what is there.

    Crown is a fine product if installed properly.

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