I know this is somewhat of an open ended question ......but when getting a "tune up or a annual checkup" are their specific fundamental things that always should be checked. The unit is a Goodman roughly 3 years old and came with the house when we bought it. For the most part the unit has worked good... Our only complaint is that when it starts up the unit is fairly loud. On a side note I had to pick up a new floor grill @ the supply store and had mentioned this issue to a HVAC tech in passing at the store. He asked if the combustion air was directly connected to the furnace or simply next to it. (the placement is 3ft from furnace not connected). He suggested that if its directly connected to the furnace this may help with the noise issue. Would anyone have any insight into this? I know this is somewhat of an opened ended question(s). My intention is to educate myself as a homeowner and @ the same time have the tech do a thorough job.

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