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    So the HVAC company I selected to do a complete system install said I'd save several hundreds of dollars to hire my own electrician (or their recommended ones) to install the new 30a 230volt circuit to outdoor disconnect. The new xl14i will sit within 10 feet of the outdoor electrical meter -- seems to be an extraordinarily simple piece of work with short conduit run. Location is SE VA.

    How much should I expect to pay (if I get good work at a fair price)?

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    You should expect to pay a fair price for good work.

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    sorry cant talk about pricing its in the rules

    call a few and ask

    maybe ask a different hvac contractor for a price on the system because as i understand it a lot of guy have a licence to run the wiring

    I run all my own wiring but dont have to have a licence in my area

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    You should expect to pay a fair price for good work. How far from the panel will the disconnect be located? A couple of hundred dolars should be fair. Unless there are some unique circumstances for your specific application that would increase the difficulty of the job.

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    Somewhere between 75 and 100 gallons of gasoline.
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    Thanks, folks! Love the gas conversion!!!

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