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    Apollo Hydro Heat air handler replacement?

    We have an Apollo - Model 30AHW3B - that needs to be replaced. The coils were replaced in May 2009 but now the a/c unit outside (Amana) needs to be replaced. We have been told that the air handler will need to be completely replaced because of the new regulations effective Jan 2010. Something about a seer rating change and of course the R-22 being phased out.

    What are our options for a replacement air handler for the hydro heat system? (Apollo is no longer in business. Did someone buy them out?) It is located in a bathroom (upstairs) that has an opening that will allow access to most of the unit but not all of it.

    Is there some way to look at the coils (A-coil) that have had R-22 in them to see what the Seer Rating is? Can the new type freon be used if R-22 has been in it?

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    You would probably be best off to just replace the whole system. You cannot put R-410a through a coil that has already had R-22 through it. The line set, can be flushed out, but it is better to just replace it if at all possible.

    My house used to have a 1986 Trane straight-cool system with a Trane air handler and Apollo heating. When the water heater failed, we decided we didn't want that system anymore, and replaced it in 2001 with a Ruud straight-cool A/C and a Ruud gas furnace.

    In your case, I would go with a Trane XR13 heat pump with a Trane TGB air handler for low end. If you want high end, very efficient, I would go with a Trane XL20i with a Trane Hyperion air handler. (Assuming that you do not have gas available where the air handler is) If you do, a Trane XV95 gas furnace might be better. But those are your system options I'd recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84randomdude View Post
    ... When the water heater failed, we decided we didn't want that system anymore, and replaced it in 2001 with a Ruud straight-cool A/C and a Ruud gas furnace.
    I forgot to add one major point. My question here is for the upstairs unit - and we have the same type (hydra heat) downstairs. A new complete unit (air handler, coils, etc) was installed the end of 2009 with R22 and the a/c unit (Amana) was installed in 2005 because lightning took out the original one. So we've already plunked out $$ for the downstairs unit that is unfortunately tied in with the upstairs unit. This house was built in 1988 and we bought it in 1993. So I'm afraid we're stuck with the hydra heat for several more years.

    So, can we replace the coils once again using the R-410A type (who makes them for this type unit?) without replacing the whole air handler?

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    there are still many hot water heating systems available.

    There are airhandlers available that have hot water coils, and Carrier/Bryant also makes an add-on hot water coil for their airhandlers.

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    Looks like no easy way out for you. It doesn't make much sense other than in the very short run but you could look at replacing the compressor and any other needed components in the existing outside unit and buying some time to do it right.

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    thanks for answers! I think we are going to try to go with a new outside unit with R-22. That should give us 10+ years and then we can decide if we want to replace the entire unit that uses the the R-410A and works together with the same seer. That way we don't have to knock out the bathroom wall right now.

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    Rheem-Ruud....quit opening up these old threads...stay current

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