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    Cool Recommendations painting roof ductwork

    I've a client with a row home in Wash, DC which as a low slope-flat roof which has a packaged roof mount a/c system, and the ductwork (galvanized) penetrates the roof and connects to the roof mount a/c system.

    The galavanized metal ductwork is in okay condition, though noticing other row homes with roof mount ductwork which is painted, sealed with a white coating and certainly provides additional protection from sun on the ductwork and protection from galvanized metal duct becoming deteriorated. The ductwork has been installed about 20 years and looks okay though some minor surface wear. All seams appear free of any leaks on supply and return side so no water getting into the ductwork. There a roof deck on the roof!


    What product do you recommend I use to paint the galvanized ductwork to help provide protection from deterioration and good look, a white or cream coating?

    It's about providing protection to the bare ductwork and also appearance, the roof top viewing deck

    I see that HENRY roofing supplies has a product 587 White Sealant which I beleive can be used without need for a primer and provides UV protection,, and am wondering what other products may be avaialable, recommended by you in the HVAC trades which we might use which I can pickup locally at hardware Home Depot or building supplies store.

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    Your comments and help appreciated as want to get this done tomorrow and would have to order in the Henry product, it slowing us down a week.

    Suggestions of availble products which can be applied to bare sheet metal without need for primer greatly appreciated. maybe just simple exterior paint,,,okay let me know as would like complete this tomorrow when vistiing the property.


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    Andek products are very good
    You'll have to go to a roofing supply house, wont find them at borg..

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    i'd go with RED PAINT! this was a plane won't run into it. let me know how you make out

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    Late answer, but that silver stuff that folks use on trailers is used around here a lot of times.

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