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Thread: Sub-meter

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    Submetering update

    Dear Steve,

    I saw your messages from 2005 on HVAC-TALK and wanted to know if you had any more recent experience with submetering. I'm looking for a way to lower fuel costs for exhisting Multi-family properties.

    I develope/convert Multi-family buildings, as apartments and condos. Some of my buildings have one hot water boiler with thermostats and Taco zone valves in every unit.

    I've searched the web and found equipment and billing companies on the East and West coasts, but none in the Chicago area. There is one company in Ohio that sells a system that meters the zone valve and sends the information to a billing company. The billing company computes the BTU's used by each apartment and send out the bill.

    Have you put in other submeter systems, besides the one in 2005?

    Do you know of any suppliers/installers in the Chicago area?


    John Sorgatz

    Quote Originally Posted by drrtu View Post
    Thanks to all for the valuable information. The owner has elected to have me install a submeter at each furnace. The design requires a maintenance person to enter each space to read the meter. I had quoted meters in a common space but it boiled down to a $ question. The use of run time was appealing due to low first cost but since it was not a direct flow rate it was not considered. Electronic meters tied to a network were big $/ point. On the legal side, the owners counsel is doing the homework on submetering. As of now, the owner can not make a profit on the gas as per Illinois law and the leases will have to inform the renters how the billing will work.


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    Opcarriage, send me an email (address in public profile) to discuss local installatations.

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