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    Dear HVAC friends
    I am looking for the installation code for ac unit in and out for residential.
    To be more precise I am interested into what the code says about the flexible pipe for the furnace and the disconnect box code. For example do I need to install a disconnect box if the condenser is just below the circuit breaker box or at least in eye sight.

    Can you please provide me the link(s) to those codes?


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    If your installer pulls the proper permits I'm sure he will follow code or the inspector will not pass it. If your planning on doing it yourself it is not a diy project.

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    What state are you in? In Califorina- you can run soft flex in a attic.It must be supported every 5',It has to be off the ceiling joice.
    The out-door unit can not be in-front of any main panel,do to the fact that you have to have Min 30" infront of any disconnect and 6"to the right or left of any object.
    also you can use your main panel as the disconnect as long as the unit is with insite. No fences or gates inbetween. Good luck.

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    First off, if the condensor is immediately below the dwelling disconnect or breakers, this violates the clear access space required by NEC for electrical panels. Move it to the side some. One has to bounce around the code books to make sure what seems OK in one section isn't violated in another. That's why NEC also stands for National Exception Code.
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