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    I have a 2100 sq ft ranch home in FL. In Nov. will be getting the following systems installed:

    - 38YXA Heat pump 12 seer (one of the last 12's left in my market)
    - FX4B Air handler
    - EZXCAB Filter Cabinet
    - UVL Germicidal Lamp
    - Wireless Thermostat

    I have been researching residential HVAC systems for the last 9 months and this is what I have found to be the best for cost and features. Any comments? Am I getting a good systems, or wasting money.


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    Carrier UVC lamp is a good one,should be installed "over" the coil in the air handler.

    Nothin g wrong with that system.But in Florida with the humidity,I'd go with a variable speed air handler and a good control system at a minimum.That would be the FV air handler and a Carrier Thermidistat Control,better than that is the FE air handler with the Infinity Control.Best ,add the YD two speed outdoor unit.Obviously these all add to the cost,but until 11/11/2005,you can get a $1200.00 rebate ,on the best.

    Do a search on this site Thermidistat and Infinity ,to see what other homeowners think about theirs.

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    Also, do a search for PHI cell if you are interested in a UV light. PHI is short for photohydroionization and it is a pretty neat technology. I have one on one of my systems in my home and we really like it. Got to get another one for my other system soon.


    PS: I agree with dash about the upgrades. Technically, you could just change the air handler to the FE model and use the Infinity control with the outdoor unit you listed, but you'd get even better control with the two speed outdoor unit.

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