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Thread: gas grills

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    gas grills

    What is the best gas grill?

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    Anything Weber
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    Had Webers for years, and they are good. I bought a Kalamazoo hybrid and it is by far the best grill I have ever used. It is expensive though.

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    I love my Napoleon. Picked up a 450 Pro with the side searing plate. Has a very even cooking surface and the sizzle zone works wonders for locking in juices.
    If you are serious about your BBQ look into Napoleon.

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    we bought our Holland Grill twelve years ago. I love the fact I can put a turkey on it and walk away-just open the lid three hours later. I have never had a flare up problem with the Holland. Once in a while I like to get a good wood fire going in the pit for the charred steaks also.

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    It was back in . . . 2004, did call at a house, and saw this old grill sitting there, leaves and crud all over it. But in the patio was a nice pedestal grill that was obviously being used. I asked the H.O. if he would like to get rid of the old grill. Sure enough, HE GAVE IT TO ME!. . . came by a the end of the day, loaded that puppy up. Took it home, new burners, grill, rocks, scrubbed it down and I was in business. ON the third set of burners and grills now . . . so my choice is ALMOST FREE. This one is a Coleman, and it even has a side burner for a pot.
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