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    New member, a couple of questions

    I am trying to set up a system for cooling the coils in an induction forge. I have a shell and tube heat exchanger, approximately 8"in diameter and 5' long, and a compressor from an industrial freezer that came out of a school. I don't know the size of the compressor, but if you can infer from the freezer size, it's 5'x6'x3'. My idea was to run refrigerant through the tubes and glycol through the shell and to the heated coils. How closely do the compressor and the heat exchanger need to be matched in size? Can I mount the expansion valve at the inlet of the exchanger? What problems will I likely run into that I don't even know to ask? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    Welcome to H-talk! A ton of knowledge awaits you!

    A couple of questions? This is the intro thread, you won't get very many answers to your questions here. Those red letters up there ^^^ above your post, you know.....
    Maybe try the refrigeration subforum. Here's a link.
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