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    Scratch And Dent Air Handlers Worth Buying?

    Found About 7 BRAND NEW Rheem R410a Air Handlers For Sale That Are Cheap. Like $$$$$ bucks a piece. Units Range From 1.5 to 4 Ton. They All Seem To Have Just Some Outside Sheet Metal Dings And Scratches.

    Would a Scratch And Dent Air Handler Be Worth Buying?
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    you sure they aren't stolen ?

    and read the rules again $$$ is $$$
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    There On Ebay In CT. Check It Out. I Live Not To Far From There.

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    prices aint allowed
    and scratch and dent?
    only way I'll buy one if it is from the supply house and still has full warranty.
    and I am popping rubber seal in evap prior to purchase to make sure it ain't got a leak.

    ebay AH purchases?
    I'll leave that to someone more brave than me.

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    E Bay?
    No Way.
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    it depends on who's selling them,and why! if it's a private guy, and you don't mind gambling then go for it. again,it's a gamble. so what is your risk tolerance? is it your house it's going in or a customer? if it's a customer, i'd think twice w/o at least telling him you bought it off ???? selling it off his truck! but in this economy,i've heard stranger things to save mulla!

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    I Decided Not To Even Bother Buying Them. Just Seemed Like A Risk Not Worth Taking. I Dont Think Any Of Them Sold On Ebay Auction Anyway. Haha

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    I have purchaed tons of scratch and dent from a wholesaler. full warranty, reduced prices. WHY?? simple, there is always a building engineer, subcontractor, whatever, looking for a deal. fills two voids. my vendor moves the equipment, my subs or clients get the good deal they are looking for. one vendor in particular had a run of them for a while, and would simply drop them at my door. we would work out funds if and when they sold.

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