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    Quadrafire Castille Pellet Stove

    Do the Quadrafire pellet stoves require electricity to work? I am buying a house that has one in it. If it can work without electricity, then I would keep it, if not... I'll have the seller remove it.

    Just curious.

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    Yes, they require electricity to operate. Why would you want to remove it based upon that criteria alone?

    Also, is this a freestanding stove or insert?

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    It is a stove itself, not an insert fireplace.

    There are actually other factors involved as well.

    My wife is very pregnant, and we are afraid our son to be could get burnt. We also have indoor cats that are very energetic, dont want them to get burnt.

    The stove clearances are questionable. It was installed with the problem clearance from the back wall to the stove (2"), but the side is only (5") from the wall instead of the required (6"). The exhaust is a horizontal vent that appears to be closer than the 4' from a window.

    However, moving from a 700 sq ft apartment to an 1800 sq ft home, I am sure the heating bill would be quite large and this could save dramatically.

    Still sort of unsure.

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    You should hire a qualified professional to inspect the stove and advise you on your local choices for shielding the walls versus relocating the stove a bit farther out.

    Pellet stoves are an excellent source of supplemental heat when properly installed and operated. The Castile is a good reliable stove so I would strongly advise doing what you can to continue its operation.

    As for burn hazards, understand NOTHING beats immediate, personal responsible adult supervision with minors and pets. NEVER leave small children in a room unattended where there is anything that can harm them--period. As for pets, I've never heard of one getting burned by a hearth appliance. Animals are cautious and tend to sense the high heat long before they get too close. There are freestanding screens available to act as 'crash guards' of sorts that can keep toddlers away but these need to be properly secured so the child doesn't pull them down on themselves.

    Have the pro inspect both the stove and venting so he can best advise you on site. You will love the heat these stoves throw off. If you have forced air heating, you can use the ductwork to redistribute excess heat from that room to the furnace where it would get filtered then mixed with other air and sent back out even if the furnace is not firing.

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