I Fixed the leaks in the line set and am vacuuming down. I have my Supco vacuum gauge in line with the pump. I get down to 485 microns, close my gauges and disconnect the hose from the pump.My micron gauge slowly goes up. I hooked my pump backup opened my gauge set and the system started out around 600. I think possibly the Schroeder valve is possibly leaking after I removed it from the pump. I had tested the lines with nitrogen at 150psi and it held fine for an hour.

Do you think it is safe to charge the system from the charge in the new compressor unit. I do not believe the lineset is leaking otherwise if I am not mistaken I would not have held the nitrogen pressure or got down to 485 microns

It seems to me that the hose may be the problem, not the line set.

What are your thoughts.