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Thread: goodman ?

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    Is the unit in the attic A goodman unit or another brand ?

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    Re: Goodman Problems

    Originally posted by skippergallious
    first of all i would like to say that i am a first-time poster on this forum. I am looking for some help though. I have a Janitrol Goodman unit in my home. I moved in when the unit was about 5-6 years old. I have been here for 3 years in november. I am more of the do-it myself kind of guy so any knowledge on this will be greatly appreciated. Here is the deal:

    this is my dads house. he had the unit installed roughly 9-10 years ago. when i moved in 3 years ago it gave us problems. the a/c wouldnt run all the time or the unit outside would kick on and you can hear the airhandler try to start the cycle, but it wouldnt kick on inside the house. i would have turn the unit off at the thermostat and wait for a little while. if i would leave the thermostat on in the morning when i left for work it would usually mess up during the day. by the time i got home there would be 1/2" of frost on the line outside and the unit inside would be set around 72-74 but the temp inside the house was up around 90-91. my wifes cousin who is a hvac tech in San Antonio diagnosed it over the phone as being the thermostat. So i changed it. that didnt work. It work for a few days, but then screwed up again...going back to its old ways. I called my brother in law who had just started working for an a/c company locally. he came out and took a look at it. he told his boss what my unit was doing and he said it was the thermostat. i had already changed it, but i thought hey, maybe i got a bad one. well the second one didnt work either. then he suggested we change the motor. that worked for about 3 weeks, but now it is back to its old ways once again. needless to say im on my 3 thermostat, i have changed the motor and the unit outside will still kick on but the airhandler will not.

    i must clarify though, during the day, the a/c will cool, but basically, i cant leave it unsupervised during the day. if i do, it will get stuck, the outdoor unit will continue to run and the line will freeze up. i live in south texas. if your are from here, you know how hot it has been the last few weeks. we have had 100+ temps and that is not a fun type of room to come home to after you have spent your day outdoors anyway.

    like i said, please help. i have a major situation here. thanks
    What you have is a time delay relay that is intermittent and needs to be replaced.Common problem with Goodman air handlers, but they did change there manufactor of that relay and if your unit gets a new one it would work fine.

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    Originally posted by jultzya
    I'd rather have a Goodman than a Bryant!
    You mean me and you agree on something?

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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    Originally posted by jultzya
    I think all equipment is a POS, till it's sized, installed and set-up properly.

    Till then, they're ALL just a pretty little BOX!
    This is about as accurate as we are going to get.

    Goodman has never been claimed to be number 1 in anything, but does have the highest sales for singularly branded equipment.

    As has been stated, the Consumer Reports survey is useless crap. For another consumer advocate "opinion" you can look at Consumer's Digest that rates the Goodman CLQ condenser the "Best Buy". But, these are only opinions of consumer organizations and have not one thing to do with the actual equipment quality whatsoever.

    Let's put it this way; If I install any comparable brand of equipment, it will operate its best and be a good system to its specifications.
    When I DID sell Goodman, Robo, I used to have to fight those damn consumer reports all the time.
    I couldn't stand them THEN and I can't now. Today if some body trys to pull out a consumer report I am prepared to inundate them with industry info that refutes consumer.

    If an HO is can be swayed by unrealistic and biased data in one consumers report, imagine what twenty SCIENTIFIC reports will do to their decision making prcess--lol

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    "DIY" = "do it yourself"....we are "DIY folks" in our home, but when it comes to heat/air and electric we get a professional, even so they are hard to find..LOL. By the way a contractor just told me Carrier is the No.I and Trane the No.II selling system in America...

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    This is a sensitive subject around here....I dont know why, I mean we are entitiled to our own opinion but there are some (ok one) who has a strong affinity for goodman and takes it personal when anyone makes a negative comment about the company.....maybe he is the CEO or something I dont know.

    I have said it before and I will say it again...I do not like goodman, I would never install one, nor would I have one in my own house. I think there are alot of people on this website who will agree but they are probably afraid of being attacked by the person mentioned above.

    Goodman has a reputation for being the cheapest furnace in the industry. What is interesting is that the above named person will tell you that the reputation and problems associated with the company is largely due to bad installs. For some reason the company draws the biggest idiots in the industry. But its really no suprise. Goodman does not have any technical training, buisness training, technical support,etc. York does. See a reputable company will offer training to their dealers so that the dealers do a good job installing the equipment. If our friend wants to place all of the blame on the installers, then maybe Goodman should be training the installers. Once the installers are trained properly, then they should have access to technical support should they run into a jam. Any reputable company will give you that. Not goodman...I was servicing a goodman furnace one day and I was looking for blower performance data (of course its not printed on the inside of the blower door compartment...they are too ashamed to put their name on the product let alone techincal date) so I tried to get this data from a goodman distributor..what a joke. So if you dont have training,or technical support, than how can you blame the idiots that mess up the installation. Any well trained tech would not put up with this and choose not to deal with them..thus all you are left with are idiots.

    They will talk about their one and only patent....that amana earned not goodman. You see Amana (which is actually a decent product) and Goodman merged together and now Goodman is using Amana's heat exchanger and bragging about how they have the best heat exchanger on the market blah blah balh. Then they will tell that they have the beat warranty in the buisness, but like I said on another post look at Honda, they offer 3yrs/36,000 miles and Hyundai has a 10yrs/100,00 miles. Why doesnt Honda do that? they dont have to, they have a good product.

    So to answer your question I would go with york because Goodman is garbage and the people installing them are usually undertrained weekend warriors looking to make a quick buck.... But thats just my opinion.

    Dave in NJ

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    Wow dave, that was a long noxious gas post. You been eating a lot of chilly lately?

    For crying out loud dave, if you have an opinion at least have some credible reason for your opinion. I defend all equipment that is bashed by those who have no clue as to what they are balking about.

    It's not that I like defending any particular brand, I just like calling people who make idiotic statements....well....idiots.

    If you don't like a brand, don't install it or work on it. If you cannot get past a bias over a metal cabinet full of the same components that other metal cabinets have in them, then you only do the owners of those brands an injustice by working on them.

    We all have our preferences, but most of us can get past being so idiotic that we post stupid commentaries on the Internet.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Wow, this is like comparing Chevy to Ford. You have some who would rather walk than drive one or the other and you have some that will happily drive either. I see the one posters disdain for Goodman, but yet he recommends York. At our shop, York is a 4 letter We dispise those things because of all the problems we had with them in the early to mid 90's, but yet we do still install one every now and then if the customer wants it. I agree with the poster who said they are all a POS if not properly installed and set up because it is true. When my customers ask me which I prefer I tell them to tell me what they want because I feel I can make them all run and give decent service over the next 12 to 15 years. Sure all manufacturers have and have had their problems, but in all honesty, we know that and that is why some of us got in the business in the first place. We know we will always have something to do because of all the junk out there of all brands.


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    So to answer your question I would go with york because Goodman is garbage and the people installing them are usually undertrained weekend warriors looking to make a quick buck.... But thats just my opinion.

    Dave in NJ

    Dave I could not tell you from NJ. Seems Northeners are some of the most uptight people who will tell anyone that listens how wonderful they are. Your post just goes to show you are a true YANKEE A#$@#!

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    Lightbulb goodman ?

    Thanks to aircooled53 and gardenelf for your comments. Even though i am a "do-it myself"er, i have never heard of the term "DIY". kinda sounds ironic, but whatever. So, aircooled53, can you tell me more? I mean, im willing to try anything. Honestly, when we changed the blower motor, my brother-in-law was still new to the HVAC business. but when he tightened the set screw on the shaft, he screwed me over cuz he did it on the round side not the flat. needless to say, i have a worn screw which im working on correcting and a shaft that is stripped. every time the unit does kick on it sort of rotates the "hamster wheel" and it shimmy's closer to the motor. get the picture yet? well, sooner or later it would start rubbing on the screws for the mounting bracket or rubbing on the edge of the blower housing making an awful noise. in the past 2 months i have removed the blower motor on my own and adjusted the screws so that it would stop rubbing. i can now do it in my sleep and/or blindfolded i think. its just a hassle. but if you can, aircooled53, please tell me more about the time delay relay.

    we'ew its hott in here

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    Hmm goodman?

    i would like to apologize to the forum for my lack of consideration. on my last post it sounds like i was soliciting step by step help. but i think aircooled53 did get me off to a good start. there are 2 local goodman parts dealers and i would hope and or guess that they would carry the parts i need.

    i came back to aplogize cuz after i posted i read over the rules for like the 3rd time and found that my post was out of line.

    i can fully understand that this is a professional site and having taken that into account, i understand that this work is your livelihood.

    however, all help has and will be appreciated and put to good use. i would rather learn then be ripped off by locals. maybe thats right or maybe thats wrong. but i would still like to do it on my own.

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    I try to do everything I can on my own, but sounds like you spent alot more money trying to save I honestly don't think suppliers should sell HO's parts. As far as I know atleast where I am from the ones who care about there equipment they sell will only sell to Contractors. I never instruct any HO how to do anything nor sell them parts.

    Good Luck.

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    no i havent really spent alot of money, its been mostly time. the only thing i have really bought was a new blower motor and 1 thermostat. the other thermostat was brand new and given to me. its the one i have on there now. but i guess i can understand why you say that dealers dont sell to homeowners, im sure the dealers think, "well what does this fella know?" however, i do have the ability to get the parts i need. my purpose on here was to try and find the problem. no in local neighborhood seems to know the problem, and when it comes down to calling a professional, i personally feel that thats where i will be spending alot of money trying to save.

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