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    I'm having an Amana AMV9 96.6% furance installed and I'm unsure which AC unit to go with. Should I get the 14 steer with R-22 or go with the 12 Steer 410-A?? The price differance is very small... The contractor said the 14 steer will actually be a 15 steer due to the varible furance, is this true?? Will the 12 steer be a 13 steer??
    Amana does not make a 14 steer with the 410a yet, you can get a 16 steer with 410a but it costs an arm and a leg. The 14 steer also has a better warranty, lifetime compressor and they replace the entire unit or 10 year compressor


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    We ain't talkin' cows here, is SEER. Take the T out of it

    It is correct that a variable speed furnace boosts the SEER. No reason not to do to the 14 SEER unless you are one who particularily wants R410a. R22 will do just fine.

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    OK, before anyone else gets rude about it, the term is "SEER", not "steer". It refers to a rating system and is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

    That said, in my book, 14 steers are better then 12 steers no matter what kind of gas they have
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    Besides, who cares about SEER? Home comfort is where the importance lies.
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    At the current market price, I would rather have 14. At a grand each it would make an HACR contractor foam at the mouth..Were we pricing livestock?

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    Red face Sorry

    Sorry I that must be a texas thing. Thanks for the info, I gues I'm going to order the 14 "SEER"... thanks..

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    Try before you buy ,it's your choice.

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