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    What furnace would you put in your house? I am more familiar with the major brands (York, Trane, Carrier). What smaller brands (i.e. less marketing cost) make a good product?

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    I don't know
    Brand name is only secondary to proper installation.

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    I would want to install one that I was familiar with, stock parts for, could get parts quickly if needed...

    Other factors, one that's sized, installed and properly setup to run with-in the manufactures specifications.

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    I think the best question is WHO?,not WHAT!If they say"Yeah, we know NATE and he's a great guy" RUN!!!!!
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    Since I can get them at a discount "and" they are one of the best furnaces on the market, I would install a Goodman GMV90 which is a two stage, variable speed furnace.

    If there were no discounts involved, I would strongly consider the Rheem/Ruud modulating furnace even though it is not the most efficient...I love bells and whistles
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    Where are you? Cold climate I'd probably lean toward's Rheem & Ruud's Modulator at 94% efficient and something like 13 levels of heat.

    In a mild climate, 80% may be all you need. All brands make 80% 2 stage variable speed blowers.

    In a steamy climate, a Bryant Evolution, Carrier Infinity or Lennox Signature have the best dehumidification capability.

    And yes, proper sizing & install is critical to long life and comfort!

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    Alright, RoBo. So you love Goodman. I'll bet you also loved early 90's frigidaire appliances too.
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    I got a Lennox G series, 80% and I am happy with it, but I live in Arizona and only use it once in a while to take the chill out of the air for the kids.....

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