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    Had a Bryant dealer come over and give a quote on a new system. He wasn't too keen on a HP to use with the Evolutin as it already has 2 stages. He thought that the 80% would be the right system to get. He also said that a "valve" on the HP can freeze up in the winter and you need to go out and kick it.
    THE QUESTION: Has anyone installed a dual heat system and does anyone have experence with a dual heat system in the part of the country that can get a little cold. Live a couple miles south of cheese county.

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    What he meant to say, was because of the electronics, you need to 're boot' the system.

    For real, depending on what your level of expecation is from the new system will have a lot to do with your level of satisfaction. I am a very big proponent of dual fuel, and in fact, have a Bryant Evolution system in my home with 2-speed heat pump and variable speed 90+ furnace. VERY efficient system. I am very pleased.

    I would hope you would seek out referrals from neighbors, friends, co workers, and family, ask and check out the references of the company, and make sure they answer all your questions completely. Regardless of what system you settle on, a competent contractor must be involved in the process to assure you get the most from your investment.

    Be sure he is licensed, insured, and acquires a permits from the local code enforcement office. Also, be sure a manual J load calculation is performed to determine exact size requirement. The contractor that follows all of these guidelines is the type you want to do business with.
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    I know i'm in the minority around here but i'm not a big fan of duel fuels. Mainly because I live in Memphis & I swear I havent seen more than 1 or 2 of em in the past 5 years. It seems like 99% of the city has standard 80 plus furnaces. I know from hearing people talk about em on here that they are the best way.

    I would totally disagree with the contractor that says all you need is a 80% furnace. I'm a big believer in 90 plus furnaces with 2 stages of heat. It would be more work involved because your gonna have to redo all the vent pipe & add a drain to the furnace but to me its very well worth the trouble. I have no problems installing a 80% furnace on a upstairs system but not for the downstairs.

    1 last thing. LOL @ the contractor that would tell a customer they have to kick a bryant to make em work right when its cold.

    Good Luck with all the process
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