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    For anyone that can help me with this - My newly installed Trane VS Air Handler is making a humming noise. On or off. I seems to be coming from where the wire board is. Is this normal? Should I be concerned about this?


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    If its making a noise thats noticeable to you, I would call the contractor back out & let him address it. It should of come with a 1 yr labor warranty. A air handler shouldnt make any noise when its not running.
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    Definately call the contractor back out. Humming electrical noises should not be ignored

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    Could this be a fire hazard?? Should I cut the power off until they can come out??

    Thanks -Atlee

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    sounds like a transformer, but call your contractor

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    Can't really say if it is a fire hazard without being there. But if that will put you at ease then do whatever you need to.

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