I want to change my filter on my Aprilaire Air Cleaner Model 2200. There is a recessed section near the top of the door that might suggest that one should grab on and pull the door straight back from the filter housing. Believing this to be the case I gave the door a pretty good pull but it didn't budge. There are no printed instruction on the unit that tells how to open the door.

I decided to stop and first read the Aprilaire owners manual to make sure that I didn't break the connectors that hold the door shut by forcing it. But there are no instructions in the owners manual that tells how to open the door for filter replacement.

Mind you, I can open the door but I don't want to break it and I thought it prudent to ask the question here on HVAC-Talk about how to remove the door before I end up having to buy a replacement door for the Aprilaire 2200.

Thanks in advance for your help.