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    Help New Pick a New Thermostat

    Hey Guys,

    Great forum!

    My White-Rodger thermostat died yesterday after about 6 years of use, so I am in the market for a new one.

    I was looking at Amazon at their top sellers list.

    I am having a tough time picking a new thermostat.

    Here's what I know about my home environment.

    I have a Goodman Furnace (Model: GMS909004) and A/C, pretty crappy windows, second floor duct work that is questionable at best.

    Here in Colorado it gets COLD, especially overnight - and I do my best in programming my thermostat as such.

    So here is my main question...

    Although I like the idea of cool features like an Outdoor Temperature Sensor, and Remote Sensors - it does not seem like I could really get much bang for my buck, or ever achieve maximum comfort within my home.

    Do I stick to the $40 variety of Thermostats... which is virtually a backlit upgrade of what I have now?

    Share your thoughts!

    And, thanks for the help.

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    Are you going to be installing this yourself? This site prohits DIY projects. If you are going to have a contractor install it I recommend you call contractors to get the opinions, most stats are not warrantied when bought on the internet and many companies will not install them or will install them for the price you bought them for. It would probably be best to talk to companies in your area instead of shopping online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CO-HomeOwner View Post

    My White-Rodger thermostat died yesterday...
    Great, good opportunity to put a Honeywell product on the wall.
    Programmable or non-programmable? If you have fingerprints on the wall surrounding the stat, you probably want non programmable.

    Consider something with adaptive recovery if you go the programmable route.

    Push buttons seem to last longer than sliding switches.

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    I would be looking at a touchscreen - Honeywell 8000 or IAQ, or Prestige if you're into hi-def.
    I would have it installed by a pro.
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