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    NATE certification

    Got a question for all you people. I am renewing my licenses that I let expire and was curious about the NATE one. You see I joined the Air Force a couple of years after graduating from college in HVAC. So I didn't need the licenses. I am about to get out in a little under a year and am starting to renew my stuff. I always wondered about that NATE one I got. They always told me employers like people with NATE but I never really got to see how, being I joined shortly after getting it. I have been doing HVAC in the Air Force all the time while. Is it worth the price to get it renewed?

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    NATE Certification

    Since you went through the testing and certification procedure, you may not have to take the test again. As far as whether it would be worth it or not, that's a personal decision you have to make. In the job market, a NATE certification looks good to employers. Also, some equipment manufacturers are requiring that their dealers have at least one NATE certified technician on staff.

    There are several trade associations, such as RSES, that offer NATE approved courses, and accomplishing the required hours of attendance and participation will serve to renew your certification. Some courses are offered on-line by some trade associations.

    In addition to taking the required courses to renew your certification, you could look into getting NATE certifications in other areas.

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