Hey everyone,

As I said in another post, I ordered my system (A/S ycx036g-m)a few days ago. I have to make a decision about the thermostat. I haven't spoken to the contractor, but I was wondering, is it worth getting the VisionPro thermostat, if this system only has a two-speed blower? Could a simpler thermostat do the job? I am gone a good part of the day, and I need to program it to go off when I am not here.

On a related note, I have an indoor/outdoor dog (an airedale, about 75 lbs.), which means that I have to leave a sliding glass door open, so he can go in and out when I am gone. Does anyone know of any attachments or any other way so that I can close the slidng glass door and yet be able to add a dog door?
As always I greatly appreciate any input/help.